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On and on and on

SASO is nearly over and I've finished all my responsibilities. I had a really great time, working with my team (you are all ⭐️s) and meeting new people and writing a bit of tenipuri and Haikyuu!! fic.

I certainly wasn't very productive in comparison to a lot of participants! But over 3 months I did write 14 short stories in 3 fandoms, did 2 short podfics for the remix round, and worked on our team projects.

Also this year, I wrote for one tenipuri exchange and one multifandom exchange. Feels like a lot, at least for me. I think it helped a lot with getting back into writing and into a fandom headspace.

I've been slowly getting my back catalogue of fic up on AO3 but there is still so much to go. I haven't been backdating it, just putting the year written into the notes. But I do need to start getting the older stuff up too. (Like the X-Files stuff from, oh my god, last century.) I feel pretty cringe-y about some of it so I will probably backdate most of that and silently apologize to anyone who's subscribed to me.

I've been up on Twitter quite a bit -- I feel like it's filled at least part of what I've been missing about LJ fandom. And I'm just now getting going on Tumblr, which has been okay. Still working out how I want to use it. Mostly posting about tenipuri & HQ and reblogging mostly sports anime stuff. Might do some cross-posting here, but not sure yet. Oh, and poking around Izzy too. (LMK if you need an invite.)

Trying to plan my fanworks schedule for the fall. I've got a few WIPs in the hopper, which is a nice feeling. :) Thinking about setting up a tenipuri side blog for revisiting my episode recaps.

I wasn't going to do any more exchanges this year but then I saw [community profile] relationshipping, which is an incest exchange and very rtmi. So, still not sure, but I'm pretty tempted. Maybe I'll wait and see if someone else nominates Donny & Marie.

This has been long and boring! I'll try for some more fannish content next time. :)

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