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You can call me Hal.

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Whatever, I'll do what I want
kaidoh hufflepuff
I sometimes feel embarrassed about how long I've been in Prince of Tennis fandom but I've been trying to get over that feeling. Because it doesn't look like I'll be over tenipuri any time soon.

When I first started watching the anime, lo! these many years ago, I posted in my LJ: I don't anticipate that I'll be reading in this fandom a lot or that I'll be writing in it at all (or even posting about it much in LJ). Two weeks later, I posted my first InuKai fic. <3 (And I'm at over 100 stories now and still grinding them out.)

After that, I instituted a system where if I wrote a story in another fandom first, I was allowed to write a tenipuri story too, since tenipuri was all I wanted to write. I'm back to that rule now. :) (Trying to write more Haikyuu!! especially; I love those characters a lot.)

It's not always fruitful to analyse why you like something but I can say that the sprawling cracked-out canon with the adorable and over-the-top characters really, really appeals to me. Like Doctor Who & Star Wars -- there's so much to chew over and discuss and try to make fit. I consume and enjoy media that's excellent, with tight plots and detailed relationships, but it only rarely makes me want to talk and write and flail like this glorious mess of a not-actually-a-sports-series does.

So, when I want to post about tenipuri, I'm going to post about tenipuri and fuck being embarrassed about it. When I want to write PoT fic, I'm going to write PoT fic. When I want to flail about the Chinese drama, I'm going to flail about the Chinese drama.

Please be kind. :)

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Would that be the Chinese Tenipuri? 'cause that was some pure awesome :)

Never be afraid to admit you love Tenipuri! Write on, write on! :D

*squishes you*

Yes, the Chinese tenipuri drama! I love it SO much; I've been rewatching it yet again.

This seems to be my fandom for life. :) And we just found out there's going to be another anime movie! http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-10-16/prince-of-tennis-gets-new-anime-film-project-set-after-original-manga/.107726


Oh, the InuiKaidou is even stronger in the Chinese drama...I should watch it again too :)

Woooo! Another movie!!

The news report makes it sound like the Shin series has concluded...silly news people. I'm hoping the Festa comes out on DVD too! :)

There's been so much great festa content floating around -- it would be lovely to see it all! And you should def rewatch the drama, at least season 1!

Hey, are you fandoming/posting anywhere else besides LJ? I want to make sure I'm keeping up with you! I'm probably most active on Twitter right now.

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