Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

A cry for help

Hi, my name is Halrloprillalar and I'm addicted to badfic.

My first exposure to fanfic was through some Geek Link of the Day thing back in 1996. It was Star Trek slash and none of what I read was very good. It didn't interest me to continue.

But when I started watching The X-Files in 1997, I thought, I bet there's good fanfic for this show. So I searched around (I was going to say googled, but hello anachronism!) and found Gossamer and jumped in. I soon realised I preferred the slash to het or gen, so I got onto the one and only TXF slash list that there was and read and wrote and read.

I read everything and anything that was posted and for the most part, I enjoyed it all, regardless of quality. Which seems kind of odd to me, since I'm a discerning reader when it comes to novels and other prose. But there was something about fanfic that made it enjoyable even when it wasn't very good.

Time marched on and I became more picky, more critical about what I read. Getting into a new fandom would give me a bit of a boost, but I'd soon get back to my usual reading levels.

Right now, I read only a very little bit of fic; I usually end up closing four out of five stories that I open. If there's a pairing or idea I enjoy, I'm more likely to write it than to read it.

Up until this week, that is.

For some reason, I've just gone nuts reading mediocre and just plain bad Ron/Draco slash. I'm slavering over stories on ff.n. The characters are OOC, the situations are ridiculous, the spelling and grammar is spotty, and still, I can't get enough.

This is not "ha ha, laugh at the badfic" reading. This is "oh my god what a turn-on" reading (even though I do laugh a bit as well). And I really, really wish I knew why.

Maybe I'm just embracing my inner 15 year old, since I seem to be reading fic about 15 year olds written by 15 year olds. God, that makes me feel creepy.

Someone tell me I'm not alone, k? Or for God's sake, stage an intervention! I'll be on ff.n if you want me.

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