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You can call me Hal.

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When working on fic for one sports series, do not watch an episode from another while on your break. Or you may end up saying, "Yuuri and Victor don't need any more help from me to be in love. These volleyball dorks, on the other hand..."

Kageyama grabbing Hinata's collar and saying 'Nice cover'

Still catching up with S3. This is from E06, which was so intense! Like I said on Twitter, I was shipping Tsukki/Kageyama up til the last moment, when the KageHina was so strong it became a black hole that sucked in every other pairing, including pairings from every other sports series. I just managed to save Inui/Kaidoh from crossing the event horizon but everything else was lost.

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In some ways Kagayama and Hinata complete each other, so....

It makes a lot of sense!

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