Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Stargate advice needed

Today I'm trying to tear my mind away from Ron and Draco long enough to start some Stargate fic. But I could use some info/advice.

What do people usually do about the whole miliatry-fraternization thing? I don't really know what the regs would be or how it would be different for different couples. Like Jack/Daniel, Sam/Janet, Jack/Teal'c. Etc. I haven't found any info so far and so I wondered if there's fanon or something that most people adhere to.

ETA: I just realised that all my examples were slash, but I'd like to know in re m/f pairings too, since I'm into that kinky het shit.

(See, it's so much easier when you're just dealing with kids snogging in the corridors at school.)

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