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You can call me Hal.

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January writing
Just did my check-in for [community profile] getyourwordsout: 16,039 words for the year to date, which is more than double what I need for my goal. (I'm trying to front-load my total to allow for slumps later on.) That's a lot of words for me, so I'm feeling pretty good!

One of my goals for writing this year is to be more wordy. That's a bit odd -- I think people are usually striving for the opposite -- but I generally have a fairly cut-down prose style that can be, well, inaccessible. A beta charitably told me it "requires close reading". I'm trying to "tell" a little more than I do now, at least most of the time.

I also feel like a lot of my work in the last six months has been fairly downbeat. Not sad, necessarily, but with a more sober mood. I'm trying to get back to a breezier mood and plottier stories for a while.

What are your current writing goals? Wordcount? Stylistic?

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Good job!! It's so nice to feel like all i want to do is write again.

Not that trying different stuff isn't great, and you should absolutely do that if that is your jam, but honestly I've always really liked your terse style. It's very distinct, plus you always tend to pick the character it's going to work best for anyway. I wouldn't want Inui any other way, and I can't exactly see Kaidoh purpling it up either.

I mean, you know, I'm pretty smart and stuff, so I enjoy having to read closely. I can see how other casual readers might find it less accessible, but it's fine to enjoy different stuff.

it's honestly been 600 years some somebody concritted me regularly and I can't tell whether everything's fine the way it is or if somebody really should be doing that and I just think it's fine.

I know! I honestly don't know if I've EVER felt like writing as much as I do now.

I do like my own style and I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but it's definitely for a niche audience and I would like to see if I can broaden my appeal. Because I am weak and crave validation. I doubt it will ever become purple, though. (Except when it's Georgi, bless him.)

I think you're totally fine but we could always do a concrit swap sometime if you want. Like after the one million exchanges.

sure thing! any time. Honestly i might have you look at this chocolate box because like it's cute enough for what it is but I don't feel like it's going much of anywhere.

Sure, I'd be happy to. Send it along any time. Mine is turning out okay, I think; I need to finish the sex scene and then tart it up a bit.

One of the complications of trying to tally wordcount for me is that some stories I write on and off, not finishing them within in a year. If I count what I posted last year, it was about 54,000, which is nothing like the crazy output I had going in my X-Files days but better than I've done in years. Writing and posting make me feel productive, good.

I have no idea how I'll do in the next few months, but I hope to get something like that. I'm down 14,258 already. It helps that I'm getting "please keep it going!" comments on my Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU fics.

As far as I see, my style always depends on the characters I'm currently writing and story I'm currently telling--one of the hallmarks of the last year of writing was that I did it in several fandoms--but some readers in the past have said that I do have a kind of signature.

Yeah, even when I'm not especially enjoying the writing, I do get a lot of satisfaction from it. This year, for Get Your Words Out, I'm tracking my words daily, regardless of what gets actually posted, which makes it easier to see I'm doing week by week.

That's great about your current fics! I think readers don't always realise how much those kind of comments help with motivation.

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