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You can call me Hal.

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I'm in that stage with my WIP where it's not so much a WIP as a jumble of notes and despair. The problem with "just write X words per day" is that it doesn't really leave time for this part of the process: the ruminating and complaining and taking walks and creating the fucking outline, which, for character-driven stories, is so difficult for me.

Do you have a method for kick-starting that process? Just barf some words onto the page and see how that goes? Force a friend to listen to you ramble? Outline the emotional beats you need to hit and then fit the canon/made-up scenes around that? (That's not a bad idea, actually.) Procrastinate on social media?

In other news, I haven't been reading a lot of fic in YOI so far -- when I'm writing a lot in a fandom, especially when it's new, I tend not to read very much -- but I read almost everything in Choc Box (except some threesomes and a crossover) and it was great! So one of my goals is to do a bunch more reading, especially for rare pairs. But I may need to wait until this WIP is drafted to jump on that.

Another goal is to write something for YOI that's more plot-driven and light-hearted. YOI came along at a time when I was longing for a fandom with adult characters with sexual histories that I could write dirty porn about without having to age characters up first. (Not aging up for purity reasons; more wanting the characters to be sexually experienced.) And I have SO enjoyed that! But it's pretty far from my usual sports-series fare. (That said, the Idea Jar is far too full of stuff that makes me go, "Ooh, everyone is going to hate that but I'm going to write it anyhow.")

How do you pick which ideas to write (or draw or vid or ...)?

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I tend to barf words on a page and see how it goes. I tell myself that ultimately, if it sucks or is boring I can just never post it. Or I bribe myself into writing the story by writing a tiny prologue or ficlet set at some point that isn't in the story I want to write and share, as a way of checking to see if anyone cares. ;-)

Generally, I write fast enough that I can barf a thousand words or more and call it a contribution to society without ever having to buckle down and write a 10k thing with plot.

I'm definitely getting better at barfing words out in most circumstances! I like that idea of writing a tiny extra scene -- I might try that. If I already do have an outline for something longer, I've had some success in doing terrible stick figure drawings of scenes before I write them.

Sometimes a bit of word vomit is all you need to start! That, and a good cup of tea to get into the writing "headspace."

As for picking ideas, I usually think on ideas for a while, and when they've reached the point that I need to get them down on the page, then I start the writing for real.

The word barfing seems to be working this time, more or less. But I had a Campari and soda instead of tea. :)

The thinking about the ideas is definitely the most fun part of the process.

Having even a rough outline definitely can help :) I also like writing sprints. I write in a scene or something for 15 minutes, then I rest, then I do it again. Keeps me focused :) Sometimes I write out of order, but the trick is tying it all together :)

I also tend to keep an idea journal and have a folder filled with some outlines of things that hopefully I will get to some day :)

*hugs you*

I've been doing pretty well with a chain of timers, 10 min writing, 5 min break, repeat for an hour. And I did manage to finally finish that draft today!


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