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You can call me Hal.

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YOI Multishipper Problems
[ Before the ramble (or vent) begins, some signal boosting:
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While working on some fic that doesn't involve any of these characters, I was listening to Steve Winwood (I'm an old) and Back In the High Life Again came on and I had a mini-breakdown over Chris/Victor, mainly from frustration that it's next to impossible to write them post-canon.

I love Yuuri/Victor but I'm a multishipper and Chris/Victor is my favourite Victor ship. (Nishigori/Yuuri is my other main ship, just to get even more impossible.) And I've never been in a fandom before where the juggernaut was so juggernaut-y and soulmate-y and canon-y that to write any other end-game pairing with either of them is nearly unthinkable.

I don't want to go canon-divergent; it's not my thing. Am I doomed to never being able to write what I want? Or is there perhaps some way to break Yuuri and Victor up post-canon that I wouldn't have to spend more than about 25% of the Chris/Victor fic dealing with? (Victor dealing with it, I mean, not showing the break-up.)

I realise I will have to sign a waiver indicating I understand no one will read this fic. And that I may also be consigned to perdition. It might be worth it.

Okay, whining over, thinking begun.

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There's like 50 reasons why people who fall in love really fast during an intense situation (like a sports season) would then break up, so hey man, if you want to write it, go crazy. I mean, yeah, I'm not reading it, but if it pleases you soul, do it.

I know I can break them up, I'm just not sure what's the best way at this point. That's where I'm stuck. And I will make sure you are adequately warned for any break-ups. :)

If that's not the part you aren't interested in writing about (and I'm 99% sure it's not) then you don't have to explain anything. Go crazy and write about Chris and Victor meeting up at whatever skating expo the year after or three or five years after and then going out and getting drunk together over what loser has beens they are. You're probably going to write Chris's POV anyway, and he's probably even less interested in listening to Victor talk about Yuuri than Victor is interested in talking about it in the first place.

Better yet have them show up both as network TV sports announcers because lol that is where all the retired skaters totally show up at, and that's even more quasi-laughable.

how do i STILL not have a goddamn icon. ok, that's it.

The particular scenario I have in mind is fairly close post-break-up but I love the sports announcers scenario so I'm adding that to the idea jar. :) I'm sure I'll think of something eventually; I just wanted to vent, I guess. How dare the canon not cater more closely to my personal interests!

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