Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

So, I may have overcommitted myself...

Fandom is filling up my free time and I'm not always very good at managing that. I'm going to try to prioritize DW over Tumblr, since I'd rather engage with people here (she says after having not been around for two weeks) than scroll through art, however pretty, and inspirational quotes. But I feel like this always happens when I get writing; I keep my head down and then more time than I thought goes by and then all the posts I want to comment on are a week old. Sorry, friends. :(

I signed up for [community profile] rareshipsonice and I'm excited to get started on that! I'm hoping to write some treats as well. Sooooo many good pairings. (Here's my Dear Creator letter.)

And SASO -- Sports Anime Shipping Olympics -- has begun! I'm on Team OtaYuri this year. Once the bonus prompt/fill rounds start, I hope to be writing a bit faster than I have been recently and in a lot more fandoms!

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