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A post about a bunch of stuff

Wrote a drabble for the slash100 "in the dark" challenge: Would You, Could You?. Hard to describe except to say that my own reaction to the idea was: Jesus, that's fucked up!


Passed on to me by my boss. If you've ever been to a game convention, you'll understand. A quote from a gamecon (World Boardgaming Convention):

"With all the ponytails and breasts in here, you'd think there would be more women!"
- Cheryl Cohen, after walking through the multiplayer gaming hall at WBC


At work, I have this Star Trek page-a-day calendar with pics from all the different Trek incarnations. Mostly, I just enjoy the classic Trek pics and kind of pass over the other ones. But I was pretty fixated on this one yesterday.

The caption is: Aron Eisenberg as Kar, a young Kazon warrior who failed to earn his name when he failed to kill Commander Chakotay. I must say that Mr Eisenberg is looking hot like a hot hot thing.


I've been thinking about BtVS a little lately and I got to wondering -- just how did Giles get that librarian job at Sunnydale High? I assume the Watchers Council did some maneuvering, but what about the Mayor et alia? Do you think they didn't know about the Watchers? You'd think they'd check out pretty carefully someone who was going to be working right above the Hellmouth.

Unless they had trouble keeping librarians for that very reason. And what about Giles's background as a curator at "some British museum or maybe THE British Museum"? Real or made-up?

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