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Brain and brain. What is brain?

My Stargate S4 DVDs have still not arrived in the store. Apparently, this often happens with things from MGM.

Another cool pic from my Star Trek page-a-day, from one of my fave TOS episodes: Spock's Brain.

You remember -- Alien Barbie dolls beam onto the Enterprise and do something to Spock. McCoy hurries over and utters his immortal line: He's worse than dead! His brain's gone! So, they've got to get the brain back. McCoy gives Spock this huge pair of earmuffs which allows McCoy to operate Spock like a remote-control car. Before they leave on the brain-rescuing mission, Kirk borrows Spock and the remote for some private entertainment.

On the planet of the Alien Barbies, they find out that Spock's brain is now running a computer that supports their society. The Barbies have these wrist things that can cause pain. Somehow, they convince the Barbies to give the brain back. Sex might be involved.

So now, all they have to do is get the brain back in Spock's head. There's this huge hairdryer thing that gives McCoy the necessary knowledge. But then half-way through the operation, he starts to forget and Spock has to talk him through the re-attachment.

McCoy photo

I watched Jake 2.0.

So, there's this geek Peter Jake who does tech support at the NSA. One day, during a little incident where other people die, he's bitten by a radioactive spider radioactive mouse infected by some nanobots and gains special powers. In essence, all his bodily functions are enhanced (that's right, even the icky ones), and he can interface with technology just by thinking about it.

He wants to ask out his friend Gwen Sarah but she's got a man. Some Irish guy is chasing after Peter Jake to gain the secrets of his body, but not in a slashy way, just in a put a bullet through your brain and freeze you in carbonite liquid nitrogen kind of way. Blah, blah, blah.

Jake becomes the greatest computer tech in the world a cool secret agent and our journey begins!

So, meh. This was so entirely inoffensive and nearly boring that I think I'll tune in again next week.

Jake did have a little USB pen drive that was kind of cool. I've been wanting to get one of those.

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