Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Pride, Prejudice, Bedrooms, and Hallways

Still no Stargate S4. So, to take my mind off of things, I picked up Pride and Prejudice (the miniseries), which I've never seen all through. I watched the first bit of it tonight. It's just lovely. The sexual tension is everything it should be and Jennifer Ehle is so, so, SO very hot.

Which reminded me that I'd taped Bedrooms and Hallways, which she is in, so I got that out and watched it. I'd seen it in the theatre some years ago and I think this version was slightly cut -- at least the full frontal nudity I recall wasn't there. *g*

It's a fun little comedy about sex and the fluidity of sexual orientation and it has some very hot boy kissage, some of which involves Hugo Weaving. And, I'd forgotten, it has a little Pride and Prejudice dream sequence, with Mr Darcy whipping stable boys.

So, everything seems all interconnected. It must be a sign that I should go watch more P&P.

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