Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


Once again, my primary fannish email is not functioning. And today of all days, when I'm sure there are hundreds, nay, thousands (or at least a couple) of LOCs arriving for Blood Will Tell. The humanity!

Since none of my test messages has bounced, I think it likely that the mail is only delayed, not lost. I've emailed support (from another account -- I'm not stupid!) for my website host, but it may be some time before I hear back. Why I decided to host with a company in the UK when I'm on the West Coast of NA, I'll never know.

This is just to complain, mostly, and FYI in case you emailed me about something you were hoping to hear back about soon. Also so I could use the Darcy icon again. *lick*

ETA: Mail seems to be coming in now in dribs and drabs. I think the 998 LOCs will be in the next drib.

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