Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Very violent, very pretty. I liked.

The violence made me think of Sonatine for some reason. But Once Upon A Time In Mexico didn't have the sudden silences that Sonatine did.

I couldn't quite follow the plot, such as it was, but that didn't really bother me. I haven't seen either El Mariachi or Desperado, so I didn't have any background for the story -- I'm not sure if that would have made any difference.

It was more about the editing anyway. I liked Rodriguez's frenzied style very much. I hope to read more about the making of this film, the digital cameras especially. According to the IMDb, the movie was completed in 2001 but not released until now. Anybody know why?

I have never before thought Antonio Banderas was hot, but hot he was. Pretty and impassive. Plus there's just something about a man playing a guitar. Oh, and the spurs.

I felt cheated by the amount of Salma Hayek we got -- hardly any! Bah! But Eva Mendes was great.

And, of course, Johnny Depp. There's nothing he can't do, that man. Who else could be that pretty with both eyes gone and blood crusting his cheeks? And that fake arm -- all I could think of was Zaphod Beeblebrox. Sands was as charming as he was psycho. The t-shirts and the lunchboxes and and and. Want more.

I was tempted to go see Pirates again right after, but I didn't think I had the stamina. Maybe tomorrow.

And now nothing to do but wait for Kill Bill. Mmmm....Uma.

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