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Stargate S4 Episode Roundup 1

Finally, my Stargate S4 DVDs are here so I no longer feel left out and looked-down-upon. I'm just as good as anybody else now.

Small Victories
This wasn't as sequel-y as it should have been. Instead of picking up where we left off, we get a "week later" remark. I am cheated out of more tender Jack/Thor bedside scenes as Jack nurses Thor back to life! Sam goes to the Asgard homeworld to warn Thor off Jack, but their love cannot be denied.

Sam: Blow the O'Neill.
Thor: That's the general idea.

Also: Daniel's anguish as he gives the OK to blow up Jack and Teal'c was beautiful to behold.

The Other Side
SG-1 provides aid to René Auberjonois and his merry band of Nazis. I adored Daniel in this ep. He always stands his ground when he doesn't agree. The look on his face when Jack apologized to him!

The Bionic Armbands of Obnoxiousness. Kind of fun, really, especially Jack speed-reading Daniel's books and still not understanding them. The bar scene was lovely -- so nice to seem them out and about. But I couldn't buy that one guy calling Daniel a geek because Daniel looked nothing like a geek there. You know, unless they recognized him because he goes there a lot and sits in a booth reading thick books while he eats. (I do that.) I felt badly for Teal'c, though, left out of their little Super Club.

My favourite part of this episode was seeing Teal'c walk around the base the morning after his Night of Jaffa Looooooove with that darling smirk on his face. But what about his wife? I thought she was still out there, waiting for him to come back to her some day. Not even a mention of that? Oh, and Peter Wingfield is so hot. Why did I never watch Highlander, anyhow?

Divide and Conquer
I think the most important thing about this episode is that it didn't happen. There was no awkward and completely unbelievable declaration of love between Sam and Jack. (And I'm not against the het, by any means, but this just seemed so forced.) And sweet Martouf is not dead. No. Didn't happen. (See, Sam/Martouf would be some het I could really get behind.)

But worst of all was Anise/Freya's outfit! Skintight top and pants, with way more midriff than you usually see even on a high school girl, and stupid little not-quite-gloves things. She looked like she'd just come from filming Austin Powers. Not to mention her coming on to Jack. Is she the Tok'ra skank? Her breasts dominated every scene they were in. But since it didn't happen I guess that's OK. Oh, and the sleeper agent premise was really stupid.

Window of Opportunity
Of all the time loop episodes I've ever seen, I think this was my favourite. Most seem to deal with great tragedy -- this loop mostly caused annoyance. Jack really shone. His snarkyness is what I love most about him and he had ample opportunity to indulge it. Also, the juggling was hella funny. There must be a lot of fic about this ep. It made me uncomfortable, though, to think about what I might do if there were no consequences for it.

Marina Sirtis! I thought she was great, except for the Russian accent, which sounded funny to me. I watched this one with the boy, who called the big revelation early on. (He always does this -- I never try to, because I'd rather just watch things unfold.) The parachuting seemed a bit of a cheat -- if they had to do that, they should have shown more of it. How cool was the mini-sub? But best of all, my non-sexy evil love Colonel Maybourne is back! How I adore him.

The First Ones
My favourite episode so far this season. This really showed what makes Daniel so special. He's captured by the Unas and instead of panicking or trying to incapacitate it so he can get free, he learns to communicate with it and makes it his friend. And keeps taping notes the whole way along! I just melted. I was happy to see Rothman again, too. But, of course, he bought it. *sigh*

You'd think I'd have learned by now not to give my heart to minor characters, but I just can't help it.

And now, more episodes await!

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