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Stargate S4 Episode Roundup 2

Stargate: The Adventure Continues

Scorched Earth
In which Daniel tries long and hard to find a peaceful compromise in a difficult situation and Jack tries to blow him up. Daniel succeeds. Jack doesn't.

Beneath the Surface
It seemed pretty far-fetched that the Administrator would really "disappear" SG-1 and memory-stamp them so they could toil in an underground power plant. But once you get past that, you realise that everyone looks really hot in this episode. Especially Daniel's bare arms. Teal'c was called Tor! ("Time for go to bed.") Jack had the cutest little cap. Sam looks really hot when she's covered in dirt.

Point of No Return
Martin -- nerdy conspiracy theorist on lots of meds -- kept reminding me of Max Fenig from TXF and so I feared for him most of the episode. The unfolding levels of paranoia and conspiracy were fun, but most of all, I loved seeing Sam and Daniel work together. They did the Mulder and Scully thing and pulled it off really well, I thought. They balance each other perfectly. (In the interests of full disclosure, I should admit that I'm a Sam/Daniel shipper.) This was one of the most fun episodes.

Teal'c and Jack stranded in space. Call International Rescue, I yelled. The Thunderbirds will save them! But nobody heeded my advice. Some nice moments for Teal'c and Jack, but otherwise, this episode didn't really move me. It's a little slow and not really that tense, since we know they have to survive. The visuals of Jupiter were really nice, though. And this does mark my official noticing of the hotness of Major Paul Davis. And Sam and Daniel get to do a mission together. Hmm, maybe I enjoyed this more than I thought.

The Curse
So when I saw the title of this and the DVD title pic of a woman in a white dress, I wondered if this was going to be about feminine hygiene. But it turned out to be a lovely episode all about Daniel where he got to do a bunch of great archeology stuff with former colleagues. But, Daniel, man, it's deja vu all over again. Your luck with women is almost as bad as Xander's. But how cool was it that Dr Fraiser went to Egypt with them? *cue the Indiana Jones theme* And Sam's motorcycle! I'm more in love with her all the time.

The Serpent's Venom
It was hard to watch Teal'c get tortured like that. *sniff* The Tok'ra plan to modify a mine seems really, really complicated and silly. But this is the episode with the famous Jack/Daniel glasses scene, which was just as lovely as everyone said. And watching Daniel and Sam both lie on the floor under the mine whilst working on it did my little het shipper heart good as well.

Chain Reaction
Hammond retires, a new mean general takes over, and things go to hell. Apparently, the NID forced Hammond out. So Jack -- bless him one thousand times -- goes to see my new evil boyfriend (and I take back what I said before about him being non-sexy) Colonel Harry Maybourne and I spend the rest of the episode in a state of ecstatic squeeing. Maybourne takes just the right note -- he's so snaky! He's going to be executed for treason, but Jack gets him out for a few days to help get some dirt on the NID guys. These two play off each other so well. When Jack introduced them to the senator's wife as "I'm Mr Starsky and this is Hutch" I nearly died. And then Jack said, "Getting a little dirty for you, Maybourne." And then Maybourne got away in the end! This is now my all-time favourite episode.

Can there please be a buddy show with Jack and Harry? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?

I was going to watch another episode, but I just had to bask in the glow of Chain Reaction for a while.

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