Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Monday night TV

Only three eps this week. D. was worn out from either too much drinking or too much inactivity -- not sure which.

Six Feet Under: An Open Book
Everyone goes through the wringer in this ep. The porn star funeral was beautiful to behold. Brenda is finally getting a little interesting, what with the book and now her brother. Hints of incest? I kind of thought that Nate would refuse to read the book, actually. David and Keith had a fight! I'm a little confused by Keith and what he actually wants from David. He should cut David a little more slack, in my opinion. Because David is my platonic gay boyfriend.

X-Files: Roland
When you've seen one episode about the severed head of a rocket scientist directing his mentally handicapped brother to carry on his work and murder the colleagues who have stolen his research, you've seen them all. No come-ons to speak of from Mulder, sadly. (Or not so sadly, seeing as most of his interaction was with the mentally handicapped man.) And it's a goddamn tease to tell us that there's a severed head in a container of liquid nitrogen but never show it to us. Scully had the cutest line of dialogue ever.

Cryogenics guy: This is Arthur Grable. Uh, because of the massive internal damage to his body caused by the car accident, we could only preserve the head.

Scully: Wouldn't your client find it somewhat inconvenient to be thawed out in the future, only to discover he had no functional mobility?

Mulder also had an interesting bit where he was trying to get Roland to tell him about his dreams, so he told one of his own:

You know, I had a dream last night. I dreamt I was, uh, swimming in this pool. And I could see my father underwater, but when I dove down, the water stung my eyes. Then there was another man at the pool, watching me. He upset me. He was asking me questions I didn't want to answer. And I had to leave. I couldn't find my father.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Doppelgangland
Evil Vampire Willow is so sexy. And this ep has one of my fave Xander moments ever. Buffy, Xander, and Giles think that Willow has been vamped and they're all sad. Then Willow comes in. Xander jumps up and tries to ward her off with a cross. When it doesn't work, he gives it a little shake and tries again. I had also forgotten that Willow hauls off and punches Anya in the face during the brawl near the end. Whatever their later antagonism over Xander, it started in this ep.

Oh, and in the end when they were doing the spell to send Vampire Willow back, one shot nicely framed Giles and Anya. *sigh* Their love was so thwarted!

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