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Everything that has a beginning has an end.

I watched the Matrix Revolutions trailer at work on Friday and I meant to write about it that day, but then the RotK trailer showed up and so I didn't.

I really enjoyed Reloaded a lot. I thought it had problems as a movie, but it was stylish, the fighting was excellent, and it made me think. It made me dig deep and philosophize and analyse and hypothesize in the same way that Star Wars does, where it doesn't matter if the movie is bad or good, only that there's new material to add to the richness of the universe and new fodder for the thousand theories of what might be going on.

Revolutions looks like it will be just as much fun, though perhaps with less speculation as doubtless a lot of threads will be tied up.

I think the central moment in this movie is the confrontation between Smith and Neo. Smith appears to have grown even more powerful, perhaps even close to Neo in strength and ability. He's managed to penetrate the human world, just as Neo has penetrated the machine world.

As I said back when Reloaded was playing, although much is made about The One being an anomaly in the system, we learn that he's an expected anomaly. Smith, though, he's the real unplanned for variable. And it's obvious from the trailer that he's the real danger.

I thought there would be more squee in this write-up, but it's turned out to be something else. One thing though: the shot of Lock yelling, "If we have to give our lives, we give 'em hell before we do." I found myself reaching up to touch my computer screen. I like him a lot. He's the kind of character who often becomes reviled by fans because he's in opposition to the hero. But often his reasons are perfectly sound; they just seem stupid because we are seeing the story from the hero's POV. (I think that's a larger topic for another day.)

I look forward to seeing how this changes Reloaded for me as well. They aren't parts 2 & 3 in a sequel, but rather two halves of the same movie and I can't completely pass judgement on the first before I've seen the second.

Also worthy of note is The Fanimatrix: Run Program, a short fan film taking place in the Matrix universe, prior to movie canon. For a zero-budget fan film, I thought this was a lot of fun. I was impressed with the stunts and was completely charmed by the Foley. The lighting was pretty murky, though. And they went way overboard with the green cast to the lighting inside the Matrix. But quite enjoyable and worth checking out if you have the bandwidth.

Hey, I liked it better than some of the Animatrix installments.

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