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Stargate S4 Roundup 3

The perfect future turns out to actually suck. And Jack turns into the Unabomber. Who could have predicted that? So, the former SG-1 plus Dr Fraiser decide to change the past. Because things suck on Earth. Without considering that maybe things might turn out a lot worse for another planet or bunch of planets or galaxy or something. I watched this ep early in the week and I have this idea that I meant to mention something about Daniel -- like he looked hot, maybe -- but I've forgotten.

Absolute Power
Maybe this was the ep that Daniel was hot in. He was certainly stone cold evil. Which I liked. That kid was certainly annoying. He just didn't have the gravitas to pull off his stupid dialogue. I loved Daniel's Underground Lair of Evil -- I kept expecting him to ask for "one million dollars!" It was pretty obvious that it was a dream as soon as "one year later" flashed on the screen, but I didn't mind. When Jack pulled the gun and fired on Daniel, I just melted.

The Light
This could have been the "Daniel is hot" ep. It certainly is the most slashy thing ever. I had actually seen this already, on TV, but I was most pleased to watch it again. Besides the amazing "Jack saves Daniel from jumping" scene (the facial expressions!) and the amazing "Jack carries Daniel through the Stargate" scene, I also enjoyed the way Jack bonded with Loran. Loran is my fave kid ever on Stargate. I just wanted to hug him, the poor, poor boy. Jack and Daniel adopt him, right?

OK, this must have been the Hot!Daniel episode. Oh, he wasn't even in it. Damn. But how much did I love Sam's interaction with the cadet? Lots! They had great (non-sexual) chemistry. Also, at some point during this season I began to notice how pretty Sam's eyes are. This seems as good a time to mention that as any. You know, I'd sleep with any one of SG-1, but Sam is who I'd pick to be stranded on a desert island with. And not just because she's the one who'd think of a way to get home.

An alien computer program takes over Sam's brain. Ick. This episode sucked except that when they were having a meeting prior to the brain-grab, Sam and Daniel were sitting together and their elbows were touching. Sam was clearly thinking, "Daniel is so hot!" I did like the voice of the speech synthesizer -- it was nicely sinister.

Double Jeopardy
Daniel was hot until he got decapitated. How lovely to see the robot doubles again! The Jack-Jack interaction was the most entertaining thing this season. And when Robot!Teal'c looked at Meat!Teal'c and said, "For our father" I got all misty. Sam didn't seem very freaked out -- I guess she got all her double issues worked out over her alternate universe self last season.

I'd seen this ep before and I think I commented on it then. But some things bear repeating: Who blows up a fucking sun? Jeez! Also, who falls for the fucking "sick prisoner" trick? The Tok'ra should watch more TV. Daniel was hot, but it was 15 minutes into the ep before he even had a line. Tanith was also hot.


I'm now getting S6 on Saturday nights. Of course, I've not seen S5, but I'll cope.

Redemption, Part 1
I need to know -- what's the politically correct opinion to hold about Jonas? Because I thought he was really cute. And McKay was cool. I look forward to seeing his introduction in S5. But was there a plot? Stargate tied up, about to explode, blah blah blah. Meanwhile, Teal'c's wife dies offstage so they don't have to pay the actress and he lets his kid beat him up instead of giving him a clip across the ear. Teal'c really does let his guilt get the better of him. Perhaps he needs therapy.

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