Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Maybe I'm watching too much TV

I watched the re-vamped The Practice last night. I used to watch it every week, until last January when they moved the time slot and I couldn't. The cast changes have been sweeping so I think I'll treat this like a new show and see if I want to keep watching it.

The good: Eleanor (Camryn Manheim) will likely get a lot more stories now. She's why I started watching in the first place. Damn, she's hot.

The bad: No Helen.

The undecided: James Spader as Alan Shore. On the one hand, James Spader (he needs to call me). But on the other hand, I have seen this character before, on another DEK show, only there he was named Richard Fish. Don't get me wrong, I adored Fish. But Fish on Ally McBeal works really well. It's a funny, over-the-top show. Fish on The Practice not so much. It's supposed to be a serious legal drama. Well, at least Shore is a good lawyer. Also, James Spader.

There's another new character, but she's not had enough screen time for me to judge her.

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