Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Shameless Self Promotion

Ah, the "Recommend Two Stories Of Yours That You Feel Are Worth Reading" meme. I can do that. These aren't my best work ever, but two stories that I enjoy re-reading from time to time.

Testosterone and Silky Hair
An X-Files parody piece from 2000. You don't have to be very familiar with the show to enjoy this. It's a cycle of AU snippets and it is, IMO, the funniest thing I've ever written. YMMV.

The Rain, It Raineth All Around
Another XF piece, this time from 1999. I wrote a number of short pieces about Jeffrey Spender for Spenderfic list challenges. This is one of them. It's Spender/Krycek. While I don't think this is the best thing I've written, it's actually my favourite (out of, at last count, 242 stories and drabbles), though I'd be hard pressed to say why.


Yesterday's discussion of Fannish Spaces spawned some interesting threads, so you might want to go back and check them out.

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