Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Angel: Just Rewards

* Spike is incorporeal. Ha ha ha! I said. Let's see people slash them *now*.

* Buffy is in Europe. Am grateful for any crumbs of canon. Speculate that somewhere, someone is cursing because they've been Jossed.

* Wes is beautiful. Sighed whenever he came on screen. It didn't seem to bother the boy. Maybe he was sighing too.

* Expected Angel to roll over in bed and see Spike lying next to him, à la Picard and Q. Too bad.

* Couldn't seem to keep track of all the crossing and double crossing. Thought about Wes some more.

* Decided to become a necromancer when I grow up. Or maybe an astronaut.

* Saw the aerial shot of the woman on the slab and thought, "Sha're!"

* Noticed that a large proportion of the commercials shown were for feminine hygiene and hair care products.

* There is no spoon.

How I wish that Kate would return. Sweet, lovely, tough, no-nonsense, lickable Kate. I wonder what she'd think of Angel now?

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