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Drabble and Monday Night TV

Drabble for the hp100 Crossover challenge. Box, Opened -- crossover with Adrian Mole.


Monday Night TV for the first time in three weeks. (And no D. next week either-- this is seriously throwing off my routine!)

Now that we're back into the regular TV season, we're re-watching the current Angel eps as well. I won't comment on them except to say: how did I miss Lorne's "Depp and Bloom" remark the first time around?

But that didn't leave much time for other things.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Enemies
Faith goes good only she's not. Angel goes evil only he's not. Buffy goes moody and boy is she ever. I'm not fond of this episode because of the big POV cheat -- Buffy is our POV character and she knows all along that this is a fake-out, but we don't. But I always love the scene where Angel punches Xander in the face. Just because we know that Angel really enjoyed it.

X-Files: The Erlenmeyer Flask
Green alien blood goodness! I feel like I'm discovering the X-Files all over again now -- I was shocked when I saw those first few drops of toxic alien blood. This is also a good episode for Stupid Mulder Moments. Not only does he drop his gun, but he breaks into the house of a scientist who has been murdered by persons unknown and then uses the scientist's phone to make calls back to the FBI. He also completely fails to notice the van that pulls up outside, even though we can clearly hear it in the soundtrack. At first I thought he'd ordered a pizza. Plus why does Mulder not carry a camera? He finds that whole warehouse full of alien clones and he can't even snap a Polaroid.

Also: we were cheated out of the scene where Skinner calls Mulder into his office at night to tell him that the X-Files division is closed and then has angry sex with him on the conference table.

Bonus! This wasn't an official part of Monday Night TV, but we did catch about two-thirds of

Star Trek: TOS: Space Seed
Khan! When I tuned in, he was lying in a hospital bed, his manly man cleavage well in evidence. Khan! I said. Khan! Kirk walks in and Khan says, Ah, Captain, I am far more manly than you. Kirk concedes the point, but grudgingly. Later, Khan takes over the ship and puts Kirk into the Large Load Washer in the laundry. Kirk escapes before the spin cycle and fights Khan in Engineering, which has a large open space for sparring. Kirk wins, but only because he cravenly beats Khan with a big piece of some vital instrumentation that he pulls out of a panel.

But Kirk realises that Khan is too manly to be confined by Kirk, so they let him go on a planet. We snicker the whole way through their speculation about going back in a hundred years to see how Khan and his followers have made out.

I must look up some Kirk/Khan slash. There was one moment in their fight when Khan pushes Kirk face first into the wall. Give it to him, Khan, I said. God, I wish he had.

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