Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Mrs Widgery's Lodger

When I suggested to kestrelsan that Jack and Daniel should do some morris dancing, she accused me of making morris up. But really, not even I could invent something like that.

I've only seen morris once. There's a local morris group (or maybe lots of them) and when Terry Pratchett came to town, the morris dancers performed outside the venue. [Insert joke about "not the stick and bucket dance!" here.]

It seems like such a cool thing -- so odd and ridiculous and ancient. I bet it would be fun to do, with the sticks and bells and handkerchiefs and all.

Whenever I think of morris, I think of the Lancre Morris Men in Lords and Ladies, dancing, dancing for their lives. Every time I read that, it almost makes me cry.

So, in conclusion, I did not make up morris but I was perhaps wrong to suggest that Jack and Daniel participate. Maybe Teal'c, though.

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