Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Dark Arts

So, I tuned into Wesley, Rogue Demon Hunter tonight but it was all about Wes's sidekick Angel's friend, this *blond guy* with the same name as Angel, apparently (who knows what *that* was about?).

Angel and his friend seemed like they'd had some sort of *thing* ages ago, when his friend used to write *poetry* but now all they could do was *snipe* at each other and make *suggestive remarks* in bitter voices.

The blond guy also had a thing for *taking off his clothes* and *ogling women in showers*, though at least not at the same time.

Wes did have one line where he got to say the words "Dark Arts" and I was immediately *transported away* to Hogwarts where he was teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts and I was his most brilliant pupil, *much smarter* than Hermione, and I did a *directed studies* course with him and we fell in love and *got married* as soon as I'd left school and he said "Dark Arts" about once every five minutes.

Oh, and the naked Grr Argh guy was really cute. :)

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