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You can call me Hal.

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Hermione in love.

As-yet untitled snippet about the True Love of Hermione Granger. Written for sociofemme who supplied the opening paragraph. I confess I changed one word and deleted one more.

ETA: I've now had time to think of a title: Sweet Mystery of Love

Hermione Granger was in love. She realised it at ten minutes of two o’clock Tuesday afternoon, which may seem an odd time to have a realisation of that nature, but there you have it.

At a quarter of two, she was sitting in the Common Room reading her History of Magic notes about the Goblin Rebellion. At ten of two, just as she was reviewing an account of the dismemberment of the Special Diplomatic Envoy to the goblins, a thought flashed into her mind and wouldn't go away.

George Weasley, it said. You're in love with George Weasley.

Hermione knew it would be useless to keep revising at this juncture. But she felt it was most inconvenient. She hadn't planned to be in love at least until next year and preferably not until she'd left school altogether.

And George? Not on the short list of candidates. But the more she thought about it, the more reasonable it seemed. He really was bright, even though he focused his intelligence in unsuitable areas. But she could perhaps gently direct him. He was nice, he was fit. All in all, not unthinkable. In fact, it was becoming more and more thinkable the more she thought about it.

She looked around the common room. There he was, whispering in a corner with Fred. Hermione never had any trouble telling them apart. But this did make her wonder why George and not Fred. Perhaps it was a Mystery of Love; she was given to understand it was somewhat capricious.

As she watched them, George looked up and smiled at her. Hermione felt her heart quicken and her insides give a great leap. Really, the physiological effects of love were strange. But pleasant. She smiled back and wondered if she should go over and strike up a conversation.

Then Fred and George rose and Fred made an announcement. "Demonstrating the very latest from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes -- Skiving Snackboxes." Hermione watched, bemused by the pleased look on George's face. She really was impressed by the things they invented. She thought she'd tell George so, afterwards. She felt a warm, tingly sensation as she looked at him. It did seem to be love.

George took a bite out of a small striped chew and vomited copiously and noisily into a bucket.

Or possibly it was just a passing crush. Hermione gathered up her things and went to the library to study.

Hermione/George. Are you the only one that ships them? Because I had a flash the other day, of George standing on the ceiling with a bucket, with Hermione on the ground. Did you write that? I have no idea where it came from.

I love the way Hermione has everything planned. That once she'd figured it was love, and George, she went to the library to study. Away from George. Hee!

Because I had a flash the other day, of George standing on the ceiling with a bucket, with Hermione on the ground. Did you write that?

No, that was my girl kormantic. The lovely sniplet in question is here.

Glad you enjoyed my story too, honey. :)


That is all.

(Deleted comment)

Re: I never forget that I love you.

*smooches* for you. :)

Hahaha! I think the twins' vomiting demonstrations are hilarious, but it's true that this is not the kind of activity that potential partners are likely to find attractive.

Hermione's logical approach to being in love is just wonderful. I was thoroughly convinced that George was the guy for her until he started puking.

Personally, I think George *is* the guy for her, puking or not. :) Glad you liked it, flower.

(Deleted comment)
It was writing Summer Thing that turned me into a Hermione/George shipper. He just seemed so much nicer than Fred.

Thanks for the inspiration! This was a fun way to spend my time before work.

bwahahaha!!! eee!!! it's 11:35 and i'm in love with this story!

Hee! The story loves you back and asks if you want to make out behind the broomstick shed.

the tone was just perfect...hermione trying to rationalize and categorize her emotions :-)

Thanks for a great fic!

Glad you liked it. :) Hermione is a lot of fun to write.

This was just lovely. Ahh, love. Or possibly a crush.

The way you wrote Hermione was wonderful. Good job.

Thanks! At that age, it's hard to tell the difference, IIRC.

*cackles* This is perfect...and makes sense considering Hermione's burgeoning hormones. *grin*

Heh heh... "burgeoning" -- it sounds dirtier than it is. *g*

Wonderful. Wonderful, wonderful. Ah, adolescence's capricious whims, beautifully written.

Of course you are also the evil culprit behind that yummy Hermione/George&Fred summerboink thingy I've read far too many times to be considered strictly healthy, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Evil culprit or benevolent smut purveyour? *g* Glad you enjoyed!

omg. i felt this story was so on mark for those fleeting moments of love in school where some guy looks at you and smiles, you are thrown through a loop, and then realize he's smiling at his best buddy ahead of you. you end up shaking your head wondering what you ever saw in him for, like, two seconds. ahahaha, i love that.

and it's nice to see a twin paired up as i've always loved them in the canon. their personalities are magnetic, they're fit, they're hilarious. this is great!

Hey, thanks! I'm glad you liked it. And I adore the twins. I think there should be a whole book series just about them and their hijinks.

This is amazingly grand, and perfectly true to them both, and I adore you with a mad passion for the wonderful things you do with these kids.

::Laura draws big hearts around Hal::

Yay hearts! And thank you for such lovely words for such a little snippet.

*squeak* SQUEE! I love the style (and everything else, but for some reason I keep thinking Austen). =)

Hee! Glad I could make you squeak. :)

Perfect progression of thoughts. Perfect Hermione (although: "And George? Not on the short list of candidates." sounds a little more like *us* than like H.). And completely perfect timing where the penultimate line's concerned. *g*

George is always on *my* shortlist. *g* I'm glad you liked it, petal.