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You can call me Hal.

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I think I need my ennui removed.

Wesley, Rogue Demon Hunter 5.5

I liked it a lot, actually. I was pleased to see Lorne get some screen time. He's so good at what he does. And the Arch Duke! I want to have his hellspawn! But, jeez, please spare me the Shatner shots of Angel. The sex was funny, though. Harmony was luminous. Fred/Knox 4EVA!

Tru Calling

It nearly didn't suck. And Eliza's cleavage was impressive. I have hope that this show will get a lot better. Or it will get worse and get cancelled and we'll get our Wes-Faith-Andrew spin off. Either way.

Joe Millionaire

I'm not watching. But I was tempted because Paul! Paul the butler is back! He is so my daddy.

Peter Parker, High School Science Teacher, ish 500

I liked the trip down memory lane, even if I found it a bit schmaltzy. But, oh my god -- Spidey and Lamont in the graveyard, in the rain. And Lamont called him "Pete". I've been trying not to slash these two because I'm so invested in Petey and MJ, but this may push me over the edge. I love you, JMS!

James Spader

Why is James Spader so pretty? When I watch The Practice, I'm not just admiring, I'm transfixed.

(Yes, I'm hotlinking from ABC. I think my karma can absorb it.)

His features are extremely regular. And his eyes are big. Maybe it's that whole thing that makes us think babies and anime characters are cute. Whatever it is, I like it.


I don't really like Halloween so I stayed in and watched Blackadder.

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(Deleted comment)
Go see Dreamlover. It is another terrible movie that is saved by extended Spader sex scenes. Hello, strategic shadow! Yummy!

Were there ever sweeter words than extended Spader sex scenes?

I think the first time James Spader really pinged me was in Crash. And oh what a ping that was! All the sex with the women and then the sex with Elias Koteas. Gah.

I was already obsessed with him when that came out, so I made my dad rent it (they were actually checking IDs at the theater and I was too little).

Dad: "That Rosanna Arquette, she really revs my motor!"
Franzi: "Dude, these characters have interesting homoerotic subte... OH MY GOD!"
Dad: "That was a... weird movie."
Franzi: "I want a copy for Christmas."

On the plus side, I got my own copy of Crash. On the minus side, Dad has continued to use the phrase "really revs my motor" with regularity.

Have you read the book? It's far creepier and there's none of that fade to black BS during the Mansex. (Of course, they're high as kites, so half of the scene is "and then glowing bugs crawled on me" but still... HOTTT)

I did read Crash, yes. I recall that it was so intense I had to take a break after every chapter. I wonder if I still have it around here somewhere.

Trivia: Crash was one of three Canadian films within a year to feature important scenes that took place in a carwash.

Crash -- Vaughn and Catherine have sex in the back seat while James sits in the front. (God, how sexy was that?)

Kissed -- Molly Parker takes a hearse through a carwash and has sex with the corpse. (All that necro but what actually disturbed me in that film were the embalming scenes.)

The Sweet Hereafter -- Ian Holm has a distressing phone call with his daughter as he goes through the carwash.

I should have a Canadian Carwash weekend sometime. They were all good films.

James Spader is magnetic. *fans self* The Stargate movie. Aieee. And sex lies and videotape, one of the hottest movies ever. And White Palace, oh yes (and you gotta love how that movie ended!)

And my favorite of all, a not-very-good but slashy slashy movie from lo these many years ago, whose name I cannot recall, but which featured a so so gorgeous and so so evil Rob Lowe charming his way into and then utterly destroying poor innocent Spader's life. Lowe and Spader in the same frame together = spontaneous combustion. Lowe has that icy perfect scary beauty, and Spader that quirky, more sincere, more big-eyed and breakable prettiness. And of course all the delicious I love you/no wait I hate you/well whichever it is I'm totally obsessed with you vibes. Rrrrowwrr. No room for ennui with these two on your screen.

*gives prillalar some Hershey's miniatures and some little rolls of Smarties, even a few really good rolls that have almost no yucky orange ones in them* Those are my favorite two kinds of Halloween candy. I can't believe I'm sharing them with you! *g*

Maltin has some amusing things to say about Spader's career and about Lowe and Spader being in the same film.

I love WASPs from hell. *dreamy sigh*

Oh, that's it, that's it! It's called "Bad Influence".

Maybe I should just load up on James Spader movies and watch all weekend long. The Lowe-Spader movie sounds deliciously trashy.

Thanks for the candy! Those US Smarties are little coloured surgary candies, right? (Here in Canada, we have normal Smarties.) And one of my co-workers gave me some Peeps Cocoa Bats, so I am well-supplied. :)

Yeah. They're sort of sweet and sort of sour and they have a weird, powedery consistency when you chew them... Actually, they're rather a lot like children's chewable versions of lots of kinds of pills. they come in little multiflavor rolls.

Maybe I should just load up on James Spader movies and watch all weekend long. The Lowe-Spader movie sounds deliciously trashy.

Oh, it is! Do *not* expect good cinema. Do keep the forward and back button on the remote handy for rewatching nice moments. Man, I gotta rent this again now that Franzeska found the title for me. *wonders if she can possibly convince her husband that it is fine moviemaking*

Do the Cocoa Bats blow up in the microwave like other Peeps? Yep, US Smarties are all sugar, like teeny tiny SweeTarts only milder. I actually have "normal" Smarties around from time to time too, because we have an enormous international grocery store near us where I can buy many many non-American items like McVities' Digestives or Violet Crumbles or mango pickle. Even ostrich eggs, if I wanted, though at seven US bucks each they seem like a bit of a pricey experiment!

Oh man. I've been admiring Spader since "Less Than Zero." He's so pretty, devious, innocent, charismatic, sneaky, and I go on. ::thud:: He's my Daniel Jackson.

He was great in Stargate. Such fluffy-haired charm.

James Spader -- rAWr! I still watch Stargate (though many episodes recently I ask myself why), but James Spader will always be Daniel Jackson for me. The way he portrayed Daniel was just...untouchable.

I think I keep the movie and the show separate in my mind so I'm happy with both Daniel Jacksons. But James Spader has this extra luminosity or something.

If you're a Spader fan, you would probably enjoy the very early Tuff Turf. It's a pretty generic teen movie, but it's from before he started specializing in slimeball roles and he's actually very sweet in it.


Oh that reminds me, I have Spader!Crack to dole out.

Hey, question: There's a Joe Millionaire II?? How does that work? Don't the girls already know that the rich guy is fake?

They managed to find some European women who hadn't seen the show, apparently. The new Joe seems less doofy and more just dumb.

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