Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

I think I need my ennui removed.

Wesley, Rogue Demon Hunter 5.5

I liked it a lot, actually. I was pleased to see Lorne get some screen time. He's so good at what he does. And the Arch Duke! I want to have his hellspawn! But, jeez, please spare me the Shatner shots of Angel. The sex was funny, though. Harmony was luminous. Fred/Knox 4EVA!

Tru Calling

It nearly didn't suck. And Eliza's cleavage was impressive. I have hope that this show will get a lot better. Or it will get worse and get cancelled and we'll get our Wes-Faith-Andrew spin off. Either way.

Joe Millionaire

I'm not watching. But I was tempted because Paul! Paul the butler is back! He is so my daddy.

Peter Parker, High School Science Teacher, ish 500

I liked the trip down memory lane, even if I found it a bit schmaltzy. But, oh my god -- Spidey and Lamont in the graveyard, in the rain. And Lamont called him "Pete". I've been trying not to slash these two because I'm so invested in Petey and MJ, but this may push me over the edge. I love you, JMS!

James Spader

Why is James Spader so pretty? When I watch The Practice, I'm not just admiring, I'm transfixed.

(Yes, I'm hotlinking from ABC. I think my karma can absorb it.)

His features are extremely regular. And his eyes are big. Maybe it's that whole thing that makes us think babies and anime characters are cute. Whatever it is, I like it.


I don't really like Halloween so I stayed in and watched Blackadder.

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