Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

I must be getting old. There's nothing on TV.

I used to watch a lot of shows, but most of them have ended (X-Files) or been cancelled (Firefly) or started to suck really hard (Andromeda).

I'm still watching Buffy and Angel. But with Buffy ending and Angel -- has it been renewed? -- in doubt, I have no new shows to be fannish about. (I did give Smallville a try for about 6 eps, but just couldn't deal.)

I find I'm moving into lit fandoms, which is cool and I'm enjoying it a lot. And there are some good movies coming up too. But I still want my weekly fannish TV fix. I want to sit there on the couch and stare and clench my fists and talk to the screen and know that I can go online afterwards and bond with people over it.

Is there anything on now that I should be jumping into? Heard about anything good coming up?


On a positive note, new episodes of Trailer Park Boys start April 20. This is an absolutely fucking brilliant Canadian show. It's faux reality -- a documentary about Julian and Ricky who are, well, trailer park boys. Each season takes place in between their numerous stints in jail.

They used to be contract pet killers. (If your neighbour's cat was menacing your birds, you would just call Julian and Ricky and put a hit on the cat.) Mostly now, they grow dope. This is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen and I'm in love with it. But it's not going to do for my fannish show.

So, got a fandom? Seduce me.

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