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You can call me Hal.

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I never knew making tapestries was so easy.

mayhap linked to the Historical Tale Construction Kit and made some lovely scenes about the Hogwarts founders.

It was so fun that I wanted to play. So, I present a tragical tale of romance and obsession: A Chance Meeting.

Okay, that bayeux site rocks. Also, you and your Kingsley fetish, man...

ALSO also, I love the frame where Padfoot turns into Sirius. And "Look! A comet!" is truly the only appropriate distraction when your lover is superimposed by his canine alterego.

Oh. My. God.

Best. Tapestry. Ever!

It's so clearly a tool for slash, isn't it? Seeing as how there are no women anyway ...

Hee! Thanks for pointing the way. :)

I'm laughing so hard right now! Hilariovs.

Hee hee. Amusement for my boyfriend, who did a term paper on the Bayeux Tapestry as a medieval history undergrad, and me, who just thinks HP slash with silly pictures is damn funny. *g* You rock.


Yay for bonus boyfriend amusment. :)

And that, as they say, seems to be the last word on THAT! Ruddy hilarious. Fabulous use of that tool!

I stayed up way too late -- it was so much fun.


Oh my God that is wonderful! So funny! And way quicker than actually weaving those blasted things. I hope you were wearing your chastity belt when you made this in order to protect your maidenly virtue...oh wait never mind. ;-)

I think the belt is to protect everyone *else*. *g*

Oh, this was gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Love the comet and Kingsley especially :-)

I think the comet was an omen portending the Remus/Kingsley relationship. *g* Glad you liked!

(Deleted comment)
It took me 20 years but I finally finished it!

Sirius: "There can be only one!"

Remus: "Oh look, a comet."

Freaking hysterical. =)

Thanks. :) The comet was the coolest image they had. Except for maybe the severed head.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Kingsley! Ahahahahahahaha!!! ::loffs::

Kingsley is our, er, king! *g*

Bwah! Oh, dear. I loved Sirius's transformation panel.

Thanks! Who knew tapestries could have such fancy fx?

Bwahaha! Classical slut!Remus!

"Look! A comet!"

"There can only be one!"


We all know Remus is a Sekrit Slut. *g*

*sends Remus to revive you*