Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

I work best under pressure.

I just signed up for yuletide treasure. That makes four challenge stories I've got on my plate:

Master and the Wolf -- Remus/Snape fest - due January 31
I signed up for this one because this is a pairing that a lot of people like and I just don't see, myself. I find the best way for me to become convinced is to write it myself. This was a pick-your-own-challenge thing, but I made kestrelsan pick one for me, on the grounds that it's not a challenge if you get to pick it.

Veela Inc Mixed Doubles -- due November 30
This is similar to what musesfool and darkkitten1 and I did a few weeks back for contrelamontre. I wrote some random dialogue, sent it in, and got sent back some other random dialogue which I've now to write a story using. If I have time, I might try two different scenes with the same dialogue.

Freeverse Challenge - due December 1
I've received a few lines of poetry which is to inspire a story. I'm waffling between two pairings right now, which are in different fandoms.

while we tell of yuletide treasure - due December 21
I'll eventually receive three or four pairings that someone has requested and I have to write one of them. I said I'd be willing to write in a whole lot of fandoms, so it should be fun to see what turns up.

So, a lot of writing I'm meant to be doing. Plus some other non-challenge things. Of course, I've just been watching Babylon 5 and Blackadder instead. I haven't even been drabbling these last few weeks. I think it's the weather. Or maybe I need more caffeine in my diet.

Even though I feel a little lethargic at the moment, in general I loooooooove challenges, especially pairing challenges. I enjoy having to work at getting two characters together. I have to dig down and think how I could make it plausible. It's fun.

Also, I have trouble saying no.

In other news, I'm going away for just over a week, leaving on Friday evening. I'm sure I'll be on LJ some, but not quite so much as usual. I will try to catch up on email and comments and update my website before I go. After a few more B5 eps.

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