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You can call me Hal.

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I work best under pressure.

I just signed up for yuletide treasure. That makes four challenge stories I've got on my plate:

Master and the Wolf -- Remus/Snape fest - due January 31
I signed up for this one because this is a pairing that a lot of people like and I just don't see, myself. I find the best way for me to become convinced is to write it myself. This was a pick-your-own-challenge thing, but I made kestrelsan pick one for me, on the grounds that it's not a challenge if you get to pick it.

Veela Inc Mixed Doubles -- due November 30
This is similar to what musesfool and darkkitten1 and I did a few weeks back for contrelamontre. I wrote some random dialogue, sent it in, and got sent back some other random dialogue which I've now to write a story using. If I have time, I might try two different scenes with the same dialogue.

Freeverse Challenge - due December 1
I've received a few lines of poetry which is to inspire a story. I'm waffling between two pairings right now, which are in different fandoms.

while we tell of yuletide treasure - due December 21
I'll eventually receive three or four pairings that someone has requested and I have to write one of them. I said I'd be willing to write in a whole lot of fandoms, so it should be fun to see what turns up.

So, a lot of writing I'm meant to be doing. Plus some other non-challenge things. Of course, I've just been watching Babylon 5 and Blackadder instead. I haven't even been drabbling these last few weeks. I think it's the weather. Or maybe I need more caffeine in my diet.

Even though I feel a little lethargic at the moment, in general I loooooooove challenges, especially pairing challenges. I enjoy having to work at getting two characters together. I have to dig down and think how I could make it plausible. It's fun.

Also, I have trouble saying no.

In other news, I'm going away for just over a week, leaving on Friday evening. I'm sure I'll be on LJ some, but not quite so much as usual. I will try to catch up on email and comments and update my website before I go. After a few more B5 eps.

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Lethargic I am...
That's just horrible...
When winter comes I begin to hibernate... I haven't write a word for a long time, and my readers just want to scalp me...
The worst is that I have to write a lot for University and for a project which is really important for me...

Glad you signed on for yuletide treasure. I suddenly decided it would be nice to write something, so here I am, mildly freaking out not only about writing again, but writing for a *challenge*. Eeep.

You, of course, will rise to the occasion in your usual inimitable fashion.

If we don't talk before you go, have a wonderful time on your trip!

Don't freak about the writing! And you only have to do 1000 words if you want. Are we allowed to talk over our pairings once we get them? I doubt you'll get assigned the ones I asked for, so it should be safe.

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