Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

By your command.

So, Angel's not on until 10 PM and we've got to pass the time somehow. On the way home from the pub, the boy tells me that he's got this idea for a third season of Battlestar Galactica. Only it spoils the end of season two and I've never seen it.

In fact, a couple of years ago, Space was re-running Battlestar Galactica and I taped it. We faithfully watched through it all until we got to the second ep of season two and I just couldn't hack it any more.

I mean, it was hard enough dealing with stupid Apollo and stupid Boxy and that stupid mechanical dog all the time, although Starbuck and Boomer made up for it. But in Galactia 1980, stupid Boxy is all growed up and now he's stupid Troy. There's a stupid earth girl reporter and a bunch of deeply annoying Galactica kids all dressed up in outfits that would get them beat up if they weren't superior to Earthlings in every way. The only non-annoying character was Troy's partner Dillon. But even he is pretty boring. There was going to be a kid's baseball game. I bailed.

But tonight the boy dug out the tape and we watched that stupid ep. I missed a lot of the dialogue because I was yelling, "Die, Starla, die!" every time this one horrible little kid came on screen. "Get bitten by a rattlesnake!" "Get your legs sliced off!"

The second ep we saw was not much better, although it had Cylons in it, who are always cool. But stupid Dr Zee, who is this other stupid mega-genius kid who lords it over all the adults on the Galactica and dresses like the Architect, kept making stupid remarks.

There was one redeeming moment. The stupid kids are in a movie theatre. And they are watching This Island Earth, which you might recall from the MST3K movie. We fell about screaming and clutching each other for support. Oh, and Troy and Dillon held hands at one point, but they were invisible at the time.

I guess we'll have to finish out the season now. I could write some Troy/Dillon slash, but that would be too awful for words.

Damn, still 10 minutes til Angel.

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