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You can call me Hal.

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Rec and a tiny bit of Angel

If you can safely read smut on your coffee break, you should check out Red by switchknife. NC-17 Percy/Marcus with a side of Oliver Wood. Just the right length for a quick pick-me-up.

Angel: Loved it, thought it seemed like an X-Files ep, Wes is in love with Angel. That is all.

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oh good. i'm so glad you liked angel. i've totally been enjoying it lately - due in part, i'm sure, to the fun company i have while watching. but everyone's panning it right and left and i'm starting to feel like i must be some low brow loser. ::shrug:: wouldn't be the worst thing.

and oooh, percy/marcus! ::reads::

I don't have super-high expectations for Angel and I'm easily pleased. :) I didn't like the werewolf ep -- it bored me -- but other than that, I've been happy. And last night's ep really made me smile. It was the X-Files vibe, I think.

Wasn't the Percy/Marcus hot? Yow!

OMG you recced me!!!! Came here after friending you, and... and... wow, thanks. :D <33333333

Jeff Bell--the writer--was actually on the XF staff for S6-8. Did much better with comic episodes than dramatic ones.

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