Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

I'm on holiday.

So, I went on holiday. And here I am. I'm having fun. I'm visiting friends, watching TV & movies, drinking a little, doing a little tourist stuff. It's cool. I'm relaxed.

I've been skimming LJ over the last couple of days and sometimes I think, hey, maybe I should comment on that, and then I think, I'm on holiday and so I don't.

I've been introduced to Sports Night and found it rather fun. I've shared the Glory that is Trailer Park Boys. I've seen "Fallen" and "Homecoming" and know now that Jonas and Daniel are Meant For Each Other.

I've not, though, been able to see Matrix Revolutions yet. I may not get to now until I get home next week.

I've been drinking beer, discussing Snape, and reading about QM. Now I'm going to get some coffee.

Next week, there will be content here again. But not now. Because I'm on holiday.

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