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You can call me Hal.

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Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Oh my god, the trailer. The incredible Snape-ness of it all! The music -- so, so, so brilliant. I'll be singing it from now until June. And I'm liking the Sirius, oh yes I am. I'm all a-twitter.

I love the visuals -- it all looks so much darker than before. Creepier. I'd offer to have Cuaron's babies, but I already did that after Y tu mama tambien.

*frantically searches hard drive* Ack, no graphics apps! No icons til next week! I'll have to show my love and devotion in other ways, once I think of some.

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It's down already. Waaah!

Nevermind, I used someone's backup. :-)

(Deleted comment)
There was so much Snape in the trailer! And I *loved* the toads.

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