Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Man of constant sorrow.

* Dark!Wes is back!

* Finally, we meet Wesley's father. The guy who used to lock him in a closet, remember? (Sure, he was really a robot, but Wes thought he was real, so that's good enough for us.)

* Ninja robots! They could only be cooler if they were pirates too.

* At first I liked the hinty mysterious convo between Eve and Spike in the elevator, but now I'm just annoyed. We know there's more there, for both of them. Don't taunt us.

* Loved Spike's history with Wes's dad. I should be ashamed that I giggled at "eating an orphanage" but I'm not.

* So Wes remembers his relationship with Lilah. I wonder how he thinks they got together.

* Wes's dad was dressing him down and I kept thinking -- what would he say if he knew about Justine? (Hmm -- more locking-in-closet stuff.)

* Spike's remarks about people having sex with robots were priceless.

* From the moment they pulled those guns out, I had no doubt at all that Wes would kill his father. (And I did call "his dad is a robot" early on.) I wonder if he feels cheated now. He killed his father but his father is still alive. All of the guilt, none of the profit.

* I love you, Wesley.

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