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I'm back, mostly. I'm jetlagged so my grandiose plans to answer all email and comments today just did not happen. Well, I'm jetlagged and we just got the Sims Superstar expansion.

My flight was long, but mostly smooth. When I was too tired to read, or there was turbulence, I closed my eyes and visualized Daniel Jackson and Paul Davis in various compromising situations. Not sure why I fixed on these two in particular, but I must say it was a pleasant distraction.

* Paul is fucking Daniel from behind. They're both naked, standing. Daniel braces his hands against the wall, shoulders curved. His eyes are open, staring at nothing. His mouth is open, panting loudly with each thrust. Paul has one arm around Daniel's chest. His other stretches out to the wall. His splayed fingers just touch Daniel's at the tips. Paul is silent, his eyes are closed in concentration. When he comes, he grimaces, as though he's in pain.

* Paul is in uniform, jacket and all, white gloves, hat in his hand. Daniel is wearing light cotton pyjama bottoms and nothing else. They're kissing. Daniel's hands are on Paul's face. Paul is reaching up his hand to touch Daniel's shoulder but it's still hovering above the skin. Maybe Paul's forgotten how to move.

* Daniel is in fatigues, Paul in uniform -- shirtsleeves, no jacket. Daniel kneels in front of Paul, pulls his shirt open at the bottom, kisses Paul's belly, nuzzling the warm skin and coarse hair. Paul holds his breath as Daniel reaches for the button on his trousers.

* And so on and so forth.

I had a fantastic time on holiday. I stayed with kestrelsan for over a week and I'd be there still if it weren't for the small matter of my job, my boy, and my citizenship. I spent a lovely morning with mommybird and met up with a bunch of other supercool fen at the weekend. I must remember all the brilliant discussions I had with kestrelsan and write them up for LJ before she gets a chance to so it looks like I had all the smart ideas myself.

I saw Love, Actually which was Good, Actually, if perhaps a bit saccharine. Everyone was beautiful, especially Colin Firth. Everyone was brilliant, especially Rowan Aktinson.

Today I finally saw The Matrix Revolutions. More on that once I've cogitated for a few days and done some research.

I unearthed my copy of Running in the Family by Michael Ondaatje so I could read Sweet Like a Crow (the first poem on that page). I think you'd like it.

That will do for now. Something more fannish soon, I promise.

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