Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Merry and Pippin sitting in a tree.

I've only watched Disc 1 of TTT:EE -- Disc 2 tomorrow. But!

Eeeeeeeee! Merry and Pippin are so cute! I was disappointed by how little we had of them in TTT and now it's all there and I am happy.

Pippin is so tender when he's so worried about Merry that he asks the orcs to help. The way they look at each other. *sigh*

The Entdraught scene, while being wildly inaccurate, was also wildly sweet. Comparing heights! 3'6", 3'7", 3'8"! I immediately re-watched Pippin's dream about the barrow-ful of pipeweed. "And then you were sick."

I was a little weirded out by the, you should pardon the expression, transplantation of the Old Man Willow scene. I found it somewhat jarring.

I dimly recall that there were some other new bits that didn't have Merry and Pippin in them.

* Eowyn singing. She gets hotter all the time.

* "My dear Sam" (or was it just "dear Sam"?). 'Nuff said.

* Eomer finding Theodred on the battlefield. Want me some slash now.

* "You stink of horse." Until that moment, I had never suspected Saruman and Grima of getting it on. But now I wonder...

* Faramir's speech about the dead Southron (Easterling?). If they had left that in the theatrical cut, it would have saved me much angst and guilt over not liking Faramir. Because now I like him.

More tomorrow! And now to sleep. I hope I dream of Pippin dreaming of Merry.

Confidential to kestrelsan: Daniel could so kick Faramir's ass.

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