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You can call me Hal.

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Forth Eorlingas!

ETA: I now have a victim beta so everyone can breathe easier. :)

Is there an intrepid soul out there who could give me a lightning fast macro-beta on a 1400 word Eomer/Eowyn story?

When I say "macro-beta", I mean, don't bother with line-by-line stuff, just tell me if the 30 verse song Eomer sings is boring or if the scene where Eowyn jumps on a chair because she's afraid of mice is out of character.

When I say lightning fast, I mean I need to submit this story tomorrow and I don't really have any time to work on it past 8 AM or so.

If you feel like doing a quick read-through and giving me a few swift kicks, please comment or email me (hal@prillalar.com). It would be much appreciated.

I'm usually much better at getting these things done in time; I had a difficult week. Also, I usually don't post three times in one day. Sorry.

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so, _because_ i just finished work, i made no connection between the edit and the actual post itself.

(is a tired, crazy penguin)

Work can do that to you. :) And I love your icon.

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