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Monday night TV.

Finally, we're back with Monday night TV. Actually, we did last week as well, but there was only one ep of interest and so I didn't write it up. But I must say that the special features on the S1 TXF DVDs *suck*.

Before D. arrived, I flipped on Space and lo! there was a Firefly ep. Cool, I thought. Then I realised: this was a Firefly ep I had never seen before. With Richard Burgi. And Jayne...well, I shall say no more. Especially since I didn't get to watch all of it. I assume it will be on the DVD. If not, Space is bound to run it again.

Official TV:

Buffy: Choices
We're almost at the end of S3, finally. Buffy complains to Angel that he never takes her anywhere new -- they just spend all their time fighting in graveyards. Buffy decides to be pro-active and attack the mayor. Willow gets caught. They trade the thing that could keep the mayor from ascending to get Willow back. Buffy and Angel have a midnight picnic in a graveyard.

Wesley was a darling in this ep. When Buffy says she's going to do something Wes doesn't like, Wes makes this special symbol -- crossing his arms over his chest, with the first two fingers of each hand extended -- and says, "by the power invested in me by the Watchers Council, I forbid it."

He is also the only one to suggest that the better choice is to leave Willow and destroy the box. If they destroy the box, the mayor can't ascend and a lot of lives will be saved. Even then, Wes is the Big Picture guy, the one who knows that there are things more important than one life -- like lots of lives.

The X-Files: Little Green Men
On to season 2! Scully complains to Mulder that he never takes her anywhere new -- they just spend all their time skulking in parking garages. Scully says a lot of things to Mulder that one could interpret as a come-on. Mulder chooses not to interpret them that way. Skinner stands up to CSM for Mulder. Anytime Mulder is in Skinner's presence, he has this intense hangdog look. It's such a turn-on.

We meet Senator Matheson, another one of Mulder's creepy fathers. We hear Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #2 over and over again. Oh, and maybe there are some aliens. Scully holds Mulder's hand while they listen to a surveillance tape about lap dancing but he doesn't seem to notice.

The X-Files: The Host
Scully comes on to Mulder some more. He is oblivious. Mulder gets assigned to what he thinks is another punishment case, but is really an X-File about a giant Flukeman. Mulder leans over sewage, wades in sewage, splashes about in sewage. People barf up liver flukes. It's icky.

Mr X keeps calling Mulder on the phone. Obviously, he wants phone sex, but Mulder doesn't seem to notice.

The M/Sk was even better in this ep. Mulder goes to Skinner's office to complain about his assignment. He barges in on a meeting of higher-ups and Skinner makes Mulder stand in front and tell everyone in the room why he thinks his current case is meaningless. I almost spontaneously combusted. Skinner is so alpha around Mulder and Mulder just submits, submits, submits.

I must not call in sick to stay home and write M/Sk. I must not call in sick to stay home and write M/Sk.

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