Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Darth Maul, he's my friend and all

I got the geekiest thing today -- a LEGO pen with Darth Maul on it. It's a fat pen with a squishy gel grip, like the one I was made to use in grade 2 in order to improve the way I held a pen. It didn't work -- I still hold my pen in a very awkward way. And in those days, there was no Star Wars, so mine was just plain green gel. I think I used to chew on it.

I took a picture of the pen to put up here. And then I got carried away and took more LEGO pics. My camera doesn't focus well that close and The GIMP's unsharp mask filter sucks, but they're fun anyhow.

Darth Maul -- clearly not happy with his afterlife.

Slytherin House on Old Boys day -- even Palpatine has popped by for a visit to dear old Hogwarts

Will you look into the mirror? -- to accompany my Mirror of Erised drabble

Jedi, Sith

In which Obi-Wan learns that if you put a LEGO minifig's legs on backwards, he can give head

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