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Email appears to be sorted. A whole bunch got delivered at once and it seems to be coming in normally now.

Today's Media

1. An episode of Black Hole High, also known as Strange Days at Blake Holsey High
I never even knew this show existed. It's a little Canadian production about a boarding school where weird things happen. Today's episode involved a bunch of sponges reproducing like Tribbles and a science teacher and two male students trying to stop the sponges by performing some sort of boy band music at them.

2. Two episodes of Red Dwarf series 1.
I bought a pack with S1 and S2. I have always been in love with Rimmer. I want to suck them all up in a huge orgy of watching, but since the boy would like to watch with me, I am being good and leaving the rest til later.

3. Now I'm watching Twin Peaks.
I decided to start over at the beginning. I don't have the pilot, sad to say, but I've got the rest on VHS. At this very moment, Dale Cooper is lecturing about Tibet. Now he's throwing rocks at a bottle. And sometime this episode, my boyfriend Albert will show up. Oh, god, here he is.


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