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You can call me Hal.

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I have a ticket to a preview showing of RotK. Monday night. This Monday.

I've had a preview for the last two, but I didn't think I'd be able to swing it this time and I was pretty resigned. But I'm going!

Now I'm hyperventilating and trying not to cry.

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I'm excited for you! Should I be concerned about you, too?

Hee! No need to worry; I didn't freak out or expire. But it was funny. The boy called me at work to give me the news. When I went up to tell the admin girls, I think they thought I had bad news since I was tearing up.


:seethes in envy:


That's less than a week from today!! How thrilling! And well deserved - hyperventilating proves that you are a *true* fan.

LOL! True fans can't breathe.


How wonderful! Whooooo! *offers paper bag to breathe into and a box of kleenex*


Don't forget the lj-cut... for all those spoiler-haters... but be sure you memorize everything because we want to hear about it!

No worries about the cut tags. And I've already got my icon finished for Monday night posting. *g*

Ooooh! Lucky you! I am very jealous.

Have fun.

I just want to say good luck and we're all counting on you.

I won't let you down, coach.

Oh you lucky, lucky thing

::goes green with envy::

My brother was thinking of driving down to Londaon omorrow just to be part of the crowd at the UK premiere, but to have preview tickets.


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