Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

"They can't take the sky from me. Well, I guess they can."

We started in on Firefly tonight. We watched the pilot with the commentary, which was hilarious. Joss and Nathan, cutting up. Then The Train Job which I hadn't seen for months and months. It doesn't get all that exciting, but it's good fun.

There was much sighing over Kaylee from both of us. I think it was only me who was sighing over Jayne.

It's hard to talk about this show in more depth because I will only start to think about how it was cancelled and then I will be deeply frustrated and sad. But I was very struck by the lighting, partly because Joss kept harping on it in the commentary. :) It's always a very real looking light, often a warm light inside the ship, especially in the mess. It's so different from any other scifi I've seen.

In other news, the boy and I were excitedly discussing our Monday (Monday!) RotK tix -- what time we should line up, where we should aim to sit, how one person shouldn't hold both tickets.

Hal: Of course, I could die horribly before Monday. If I'm dead, you should go to the movie anyhow. I suppose if I'm lying in the hospital ill, you could sit with me instead.

Boy: What if you were in a coma? If I were sick, I'd enjoy having you sit with me but if I'm in a coma, you should go to the movie.

We are fans.

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