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You can call me Hal.

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"They can't take the sky from me. Well, I guess they can."

We started in on Firefly tonight. We watched the pilot with the commentary, which was hilarious. Joss and Nathan, cutting up. Then The Train Job which I hadn't seen for months and months. It doesn't get all that exciting, but it's good fun.

There was much sighing over Kaylee from both of us. I think it was only me who was sighing over Jayne.

It's hard to talk about this show in more depth because I will only start to think about how it was cancelled and then I will be deeply frustrated and sad. But I was very struck by the lighting, partly because Joss kept harping on it in the commentary. :) It's always a very real looking light, often a warm light inside the ship, especially in the mess. It's so different from any other scifi I've seen.

In other news, the boy and I were excitedly discussing our Monday (Monday!) RotK tix -- what time we should line up, where we should aim to sit, how one person shouldn't hold both tickets.

Hal: Of course, I could die horribly before Monday. If I'm dead, you should go to the movie anyhow. I suppose if I'm lying in the hospital ill, you could sit with me instead.

Boy: What if you were in a coma? If I were sick, I'd enjoy having you sit with me but if I'm in a coma, you should go to the movie.

We are fans.

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Is Firefly out on DVD then?? Did you buy it or rent it from somewhere?

It just came out on DVD yesterday, including the eps which Fox did not air. We bought it, since we had to have it. :)

*head in hands* Another tv series on DVD which we will want to own. Lordy me. *checks bank balance, sighs*

how one person shouldn't hold both tickets

This is *so* important - what if the person holding the tickets was, say, trapped in an elevator? Or even if it was the person without the tickets who was delayed, then the ticket-holder would have to hang around the theater lobby, waiting for the other person to show up, becoming more and more anxious and losing any chance of getting a good seat...disaster!

I have spent too much time considering these possibilities.

Exactly! Even going with one other person ramps the stress level up for me, even when that one person is my beloved partner of more years than I care to mention here. On the other hand, in a situation like this, it's helpful to have someone else along for seat-saving purposes when one has to run out to the bathroom five minutes before the show starts. So we have to have plans for everything, to keep the whole evening running smoothly.

But when it comes right down to it -- every man for himself, is my motto. Or woman.

Ahhh, Firefly, my own true love. Space is showing the missing eps, too. *pets Space* I adore you, you know that. I'm drooling at the prospect of the DVDs.

One of my all-time fave lines is from that series:

Wash: Psychic? That's sounds like science fiction!
Zoe: You live on a space ship, dear.
Wash: So?


There's gonna be a movie, right? I heard there was gonna be movie.

I heard there was going to be a movie too, but that's all I know. Maybe Joss says more about it on the commentaries.

I haven't been keeping up with the eps on Space cause I knew I'd have the DVDs soon. I think that's what I'll end up doing with SG1 S5 as well.

Your boy is entirely worth having around. (: Or, if you're in a coma, not having around.


I keep hoping someone will get me Firefly for my birthday -- I hinted *heavily* to my sister a few weeks ago. Because what with buying the new computer/software and going to Escapade, I can't afford any DVDs.

When did you get a new computer? Did I miss something or was it a while back?

Everything is, indeed, all about Kaylee.

See, it's because I buy all these DVDs that I can't afford to go to any cons. *g*

Oh, no, I haven't bought it yet. January, my dear. This is what birthdays are for. (:

And I suggest you stop buying DVDs in plenty of time to go to Vividcon this year.

I sigh over Jayne a bit myself, grunting neanderthal that he is. Especially if I think about him cornering Simon and ruffling him up and making him sweaty. I'd forgotten the dvds were out- must go to the store!

And how exciting that you got preview tickets! And unless the other's presence is required to sign for life-saving hospital stuff, you should still go, imho .

Yes to the Simon/Jayne ruffle-fest! If you have any recs, let me know. :)

I hope you can get DVDs. Here, the store wasn't even able to get in as many copies as people who wanted to reserve them. We were lucky.

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