Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

On the subject of me.

You want to know about me? Then come here and read my journal. Engage me. Email me. You're never going to remember all the stuff people post in your LJs in response to this meme. And I don't have anything more to tell you than I already post here.

Jeez, that was pretty snarky for me, at least in public. I do love all you guys. *smooches*

Firefly watching continues apace. I was awed today by the editing in Out of Gas. I was nearly in tears over the dearness of "the hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne" last night. And every other remark we make whilst watching is about Kaylee. "He was mean to Kaylee! He must die!" "Aw, Kaylee!" "Kaylee is the greatest!" "It's all about Kaylee!" etc.

Any recs for good Simon/Jayne? And Simon/Kaylee/River? I'm usually not about the three-ways, but this one appeals to me more than any two of them alone.

I was home today with a migraine. Whilst waiting for the Gravol (anti-nausea med that makes me very sleepy) and codeine to kick in, I read Little House in the Big Woods. I love the straightforward style, and especially the sugaring-off dance at Grandpa's. The scene where Uncle George and Grandma have the jigging contest is one of my favourite pieces of writing ever.

Later, after waking up from my doze, I watched more Twin Peaks. I wondered about the significance of the names Bob and Mike since we have two sets of them. How do Bob the Big Bad and Mike the one-armed man relate to Bobby Briggs and Mike "Snake" Nelson? If you have a theory, let me know. I'm still too doped up to come up with anything clever.

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