Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Life and Tolkien

My god, but I am useless these days. I blame it on the ever increasing darkness, post-RotK fatigue, and work stress. However, tomorrow is my last day of work for two weeks and I have many merry things planned for the holidays.

* LotR again
* The Books of Magic
* Sharpe still
* League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 2
* The fucking Iliad. I don't much enjoy the Iliad, except for book 24, which is amazing, but I figure I've got to slog through it again before Troy so I can be properly pedantic about people's fanfic. *g*

* RotK
* Peter Pan!!!
* all the Stargate S7 that I downloaded
* possibly more Stargate DVDs
* Gundam Wing if I can find it to rent

Eating and Drinking
* much pub time
* a cream tea
* sneaking wine into Peter Pan

* must give my office room a good tidy so I can actually find some of my books
* or maybe not

* Not so much planned, actually. I should probably set up a couple of dates so I don't become completely feral.

* Merry/Pippin
* Legolas/Gimli
* Snape/Lupin -- for a challenge
* more Merry/Pippin
* see if I can plot out a Stargate idea I've been pondering

* redesign my fic site
* redesign my RL site and update my résumé
* create a wordmark for myself
* start a sekrit project finally

If I get even 1/4 of that done, I'll be pleased.

I've only just now started to read things in LJ that aren't just about RotK. Last night when the boy and I went out for an immense dinner, with prime rib and tiger prawns and goat cheese and beer, I wouldn't let him talk about anything except Tolkien.

We got onto Fëanor and the Silmarils eventually, since the boy thinks that would make a better movie than The Hobbit. The Silmarils seem to cause the same kind of lust and corruption as the One Ring, only they were made by an elf, Fëanor, not Sauron. I find Fëanor rather compelling. Probably because he's evil. *g* Wasn't he the one who kept begging Galadriel for a strand of her hair and she would never give it to him? I'm a little hazy on the details because I can't find the Silmarillion.

In conclusion: Merry ♥ Pippin.

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