Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Sing, goddess, the wrath of Achilles, Peleus' son.

So, I've started in on the Iliad, two books a day, until I'm done. I'm reading Lattimore's translation, as it's elegant and very close to the Greek. If you want something more easily readable, I would recommend Fagles, which I've also read before.

I'm not, at least right now, a big fan of the Iliad -- I found it rather tedious, with the huge exception of Book 24. But I'm hopeful that this time through I'll get something more out of it. (The Odyssey, OTOH, I love.)

This is all by way of preparing for Troy. I've been pretty skeptical of this film and I picked up the Iliad so I, as something of a lapsed classicist, would be able to be pedantic and critical of the movie and the explosion of fanfic that's sure to come.

And then I downloaded the trailer.

And I was lost. This movie may rock, it may suck, it may be the best thing since Empire Strikes Back or the worst thing since Attack of the Clones, but I'll be there. And ten to one, I'll be writing fanfic.

Even before that, I'd been looking forward to seeing Peter O'Toole as Priam. I'm hoping Eric Bana can do justice to my sweet Hektor. Orlando Bloom was probably born to play Paris, though I don't know if that's a compliment. *g* Not a huge Brad Pitt fan, but hey. Sean Bean as wily Odysseus -- I'm sure that alone will be worth the price of admission.

I even want to make a collage from some images from the trailer and a bit of Sappho in Greek and English, but I don't have Photoshop and I don't think the GIMP and Graphic Converter are going to do the job. Not to mention I'm not an artist. :) But here are the lines, trans mine:

Some say an army of cavalry
or of infantry
or a fleet of ships
is the most beautiful thing on the black earth.
But I say it is whatever one loves.

(The fragment goes on to mention Helen and how she "forsaking the best of all men, went sailing off to Troy", led away by Aphrodite.)

I suppose it's too soon after RotK -- not to mention Peter Pan hasn't opened in most places yet -- to start in on the Troy hype. But here I am.

Really, I shouldn't be surprised at my reaction; this is why I did Greek and Roman studies in the first place. Popular culture, ancient and modern. I'm just a fangirl, either way.

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