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You can call me Hal.

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Good form.

My long days of waiting are ended.

Peter Pan was lovely, pretty much exactly what I wanted from this film. This is a darker movie than you might expect. Well, probably not darker than you might expect -- I imagine you've all been hoping for this as I have. But certainly, this is a children's movie with adult themes.

Jason Isaacs was, of course, of course, wonderful. His costumes as Hook were fabulous and he carried them off with aplomb. Hook was fearsome, refined, sympathetic, and drop-dead sexy. But I'm also, not surprisingly, now in love with Mr Darling, who was so shy and repressed and nervous and beautiful and who made me cry at the end.

I thought the children were quite good also and Rachel Hurd-Wood as Wendy was brilliant. There was a lot of chemistry between Wendy and Peter and really, that was the whole point.

Peter Pan does not shy away from the underlying theme that growing up means awakening sexuality. Wendy gets in trouble in school for drawing a picture of her in bed and Peter hovering above her. In Neverland, she and Peter quarrel because he doesn't have "feelings" -- he cannot love her. Hook, to sway Wendy away from Peter, makes himself sexually interesting to her. At one point, I actually thought he was going to kiss her. And she's enthralled by him.

(And what of the dual role of Mr Darling/Hook (which is traditional)? How much more Freudian could it be? I'm a bit confused about what I'm ultimately meant to think, though. Mr Darling wants Wendy to grow up, but he's portrayed as being wrong to say so. And yet, the whole film is about the inevitability of growing up. Peter doesn't want to grow up -- doesn't want "feelings" and Hook is presented to Wendy as someone who can have feelings. I suppose, though, she ultimately has to find the proper object for her affections. But really, in the end, he won't stay. I'm more than a bit confused, actually. Somebody smart help me out.)

At the last, when Peter and Hook fight, Hook has the better of it. He is about to kill Peter when he's distracted (by the crocodile, I think). Then Wendy kisses Peter. This kiss causes him to change colour, then fly up into the air entirely revitalized. IIRC, there were flashing lights. I don't think there is any way you could say that the effect was not symbolic of orgasm. And so he defeats Hook. (*sniff*)

Yes, when one is in love with the villain, one is sometimes not as happy at the end of the movie as one would otherwise be. But with Mr Darling to console me, I made it through.

I must say, I love love loved the creepy bad sex vibe between Hook and Wendy. Oh my god. But the film is enough for me. I don't want to read any fic. I just want to go back and see this again. And then again.

Bits and pieces:

* Hook's tattoo -- I expect that was the crest of his public school. And how lovely that our first glimpse of him is bare-chested.

* Mermaids -- sooooooooo creepy. I expect they fit into the whole sex theme somewhere too, only I've not really thought about it yet. But when that one starts to pull Wendy down into the water -- and she's transfixed -- lovely.

* Michael looked like Danny Bonaduce in the first days of the Partridge Family.

* Slightly was a stitch. I half wanted to adopt him myself.

* I'm surprised they made so much of "happy thoughts". In the book, Peter just says that once as a joke. It's just the fairy dust that makes them fly. It's the Disney cartoon that really hyped it.

* The music was nothing special, which was disappointing.

* I kept getting Pirates of the Caribbean flashes -- Wendy's fascination with pirates, the use of Jack Rackham's flag, the Hook-Wendy dinner scene, Wendy walking the plank.

* When Hook is escorting Wendy to his cabin and she's taken his arm and her hand is resting on his hook -- oh god.

* I loved the way Hook just killed off pirates left and right. So funny.

Oh, and just in case I wasn't clear before: Hook is mine. And I'm taking Mr Darling too.

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Oh, and just in case I wasn't clear before: Hook is mine. And I'm taking Mr Darling too.

In the words of my grandmother: "If you won't share, you aren't going to get any!"

You wouldn't want to diss my grandmother, would you????


You wouldn't want to diss my grandmother, would you?

Your grandmother, you, and anyone else who is standing in my way. Have at thee!

*takes fencing stance*

I'm going to duel you left-handed.

You can't have BOTH Hook and Mr. Darling, you greedy thing! Leave me Mr. Darling at least! (which, as you pointed out, is NO small potatoes whatsover. Jase, you rule in any role!!)

You can have everyone else, any fandom. Even Pippin, she said with a wrench. But not these two, sorry. Anyhow, I'll lose face if I back down now.

But you can *look* at them. :)

(I wanted to make a Mr Darling icon for this, but I just can't find a good cap or photo. Bah.)


*takes Pippin, darnit*

Since I saw this on the 18th and have had dibs on BOTH Mr. Darling and Hook since then, I suspect we're going to have to arrange a roster. Bagsies on Friday and Saturday!

As for the Hook shipperishness, personally, Hook/Pan has become my new OTP. That scene in the Black Castle, where Hook is looming over Pan... the bit at the end, where they're playing mindgames...Hook comtemplating existence without Pan... and moping because Pan has his Wendy... squee.

Also, is anyone else amused by how touchie-feelie Jason gets with his child costars? First the Lucius/Potter/Pimp Cane action in CoS, and now this. I swear, he was shamelessly cracking onto both Pan AND Wendy all through that movie.

I must say, I've had dibs since about, oh, January, so I'm afraid I can't let either of them out of my sight.

I do think Pan is going to be lonely without Hook, but then, maybe Hook will re-appear once Pan gets back to Neverland. I wonder if one of them can exist without the other.

I swear, he was shamelessly cracking onto both Pan AND Wendy all through that movie.

That's what made it work so well. Ah, I think I'll go see it again today.

Just saw it tonight and it was fantastic. My sister and I were in agreement- we don't like Lucius Malfoy, but Hook is *hot* and Mr. Darling is completely lickable.

we don't like Lucius Malfoy


I am dying to see this. The trailers give me inappropriately sexay goosebumps. I can't believe I've discovered true love for glorious villains. Mmmmmmm, eeeeeeevil.

The trailers give me inappropriately sexay goosebumps.

I think you will not be disappointed.

Between them, Hook and Mr Darling are all a girl really needs, don't you agree? :)

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