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You can call me Hal.

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My day

To do today:

  1. Read yuletide stories and leave comments
  2. Write smut
  3. Laundry
  4. Reply to LJ comments
  5. Reply to email
  6. Email RL friends about getting together
  7. Leave the house at least once

Actually done today:

  1. Seven hours of Civ II
  2. Three hours of Twin Peaks

I love being off work.

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Three hours of Twin Peaks

I'm not jealous. I just don't have the vids and hate *everyone* who has and watched them without me...

Well, I *waited* for you but you didn't show!

I matched you on the Civ II time today. Add in a trip to Home Depot and a sandwich and those are my major accomplishments. I *really* need to be writing, and yet I'm *really* not.

I never get anything constructive done during holidays, really. Too much free time and I can't concentrate.

And what is it about Civ II? After a while, I literally get nauseus from playing, but I can't stop.

Seriously. It gives me migraines if I play too long, and yet, that still doesn't stop me. There's always one more city to take and one more unit to build.

Civ II! I think I did that. And for a while last year I was doing Civ III rather intensively. It's strangely addictive. I have fond memories of Master of Magic and Master of Orion as well.

I think Civ II is the most addictive computer game I've played, moreso even than the Sims or any of the MUDs I used to be on. I have another game open right now and I'm valiently resisting. Well, mostly.

Civilization is an evil, time-consuming mistress. My wacky sister and her hubby gave me Civ III and an expansion pack for Christmas and I don't think I've done anything at home since except sleep (v.little) and bathe. I barely remember to feed the pets, and my plants are ticked off at me.

Diplomatic victory indeed....

I'm impressed at your remembering to bathe. I just wore my pyjamas all day. :)

*Seven* hours of Civ II?

You scare me.

Re: *Seven* hours of Civ II?

I know, I know. As Homer said, this is everybody's fault but mine!

w00t! I love your work! You're one of my favorite slash writers. I'm so happy I found your 262 stories...*entertained*

Thanks! I'm really glad to hear it. :)

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