Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


I still have many, many yuletide stories to read. I've only made it partway through Discworld so far.

I found out that my gift story, the lovely Last Shot, a quietly poignant piece about Brent and Stuart Tarleton, is by kerrypolka. Thanks again!

I wrote In Case of Emergency, a Ford/Zaphod Hitchhikers Guide story. It was fun working in that universe again. Many thanks to laurashapiro and kestrelsan for beta.

I've been looking over the unfulfilled requests and so many things look interesting to me.

Since that's all public now too, I'd love it if everyone were to post a list of stories they requested. That way we'll all be revealed for the freaks we are. :)

My other requests:

1. Snake/Joey Jeremiah - Degrassi High
2. Lije Baley/ R. Daneel Olivaw - Asimov's robot novels
3. Hogan/Klink - Hogan's Heroes

Now aren't you glad you didn't draw me? *g*

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