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Stargate season 7 partial roundup

Thanks to in part to kestrelsan and in part to Bittorrent, I present my Stargate S7 (so far) roundup! Of course, I've only seen bits and pieces of S5 & S6, but that will yet be remedied.

In which Daniel and sweet, sweet Jonas Quinn are reunited. Oh, and everybody else too. Daniel has amnesia but senses that his life really sucks so he doesn't really want to remember it. Apparently, he remembers enough to annoy Jack by calling him "Jim". Daniel and Jonas are mission partners! Their love is true! Oh, and there's some stuff about Anubis and some super weapon that must relate to stuff I never saw in S6. But the First Prime of Yu is very, very hot, as Teal'c seems to notice. Jonas is captured and Daniel is griefstricken, but swears to get him back, at any cost. Jack is snarky. Sam has pretty eyes.

Daniel rescues sweet, sweet Jonas, who rewards him with a kiss. There's a bunch of footage from Return of the Jedi. Also, alliances, betrayal, double-crossing, and Jack being snarky. Sam knows important science stuff. Teal'c is persuasive. The bad guys are defeated. Although Daniel and Jonas can hardly bear to be parted, Jonas goes back to Kelowna to help rebuild after the recent forest fires. He promises to visit every other weekend.

Fragile Balance
Jack went to sleep with gum in his mouth and now there's gum in his hair and when he got out of bed this morning he tripped on the skateboard and by mistake he dropped his sweater in the sink while the water was running and he could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Really, I thought the kid playing Mini Jack was pretty good. It helps that Jack is so snarky all the time. And of course, Jack's beloved Thor saved him. But the end of this episode, where Mini Jack, who is, mentally, Colonel Jack O'Neill, goes off to mack on high school girls, was the most fucking creepy thing I've seen in a long, long time. Seriously. That was just WRONG. Can someone cast a memory charm on me now please?

Bra'tac, Rya'c, work camp, Teal'c lacks self-confidence, blah blah blah. I found this pretty slow. I think it's all the Jaffa honourableness -- it's ponderous. Daniel and Sam working out together was pretty hot, though.

SG-1 visits a world where everybody lives in a bubble. Not each their own bubble, but one big bubble for everyone. Their society is controlled by a computer and of course the Prime Directive dictates that society-controlling computers must be destroyed! They are evil! Well, this one does keep changing the memories of everyone there, kind of like the Ministry of Magic. Daniel and Sam get billeted together and have hot monkey sex. Teal'c and Jack get billeted together and have to refrain from killing an annoying little kid.

You know, travelling in cryo never turns out well. Red Dwarf, anyone? Although somehow I was more reminded of the crashed ship that Zaphod finds on Frogstar B, where the cabin crew kept all the passengers in suspended animation for centuries while it waited for civilization to be rebuilt so that they could obtain the necessary complement of small lemon-soaked paper napkins.

I rather liked most of Shanks's performances here, though whenever he did that little kid, it make my skin crawl.

Enemy Mine
Wow, I love Daniel. This story felt like a bit of a re-hash of past Unas stuff combined with a re-hash of past militaristic stuff, but I didn't mind since I love it when Daniel sticks up for other races and does his whole diplomat thing. And I thought there were some Jack/Daniel slashy bits that I should really recall better, since I just watched this today. But I'm sure they were quite smouldering, whatever they were. I didn't quite buy General Hammond's willingness to let all the Unas be slaughtered if they couldn't resolve the situation diplomatically, though. Oh, and Iron Shirt was pretty cute.

Space Race
God, that was fun. Sam in her leathers is a hot hot thing. And oh, how wond'rous she is when she's excited. Warrick is supercool! (I've not seen the other ep where he appears.) His brother Eamon is even cooler! Teal'c and Sam are hot for racing while Jack is hot for Daniel and pulls him off on a side trip so he can shag him senseless. But Daniel is staying true to Jonas, so Jack is cranky. Things go wrong in the race, but Racer X shows up and saves the day!

I loved a lot of things about this episode, but the very best thing was that the alien race and the humans on the planet could and did interbreed.

Avenger 2.0
Uh, yeah. While I adore Pat McKenna on Red Green (and yay for the duct tape reference), his character here is just too over the top for Stargate, even in a throwaway fluff ep like this. 50% of the dorkiness would have been fine. It's been a while since I saw this, but I think I wanted to slash Sam and the female scientist. Possibly this is because of the cat-fight fantasy scene.

SG-1 goes to the Planet of the Vampire Slayers so that Teal'c can get some action. Lessons learned: 1. Strong, independent women can get along without men just fine, thank you very much, unless something goes wrong. Then they need Daddy. 2. Girls like Daniel.

Evolution 1 & 2
Daniel-torture. The Arms of Dr Jackson. Did anything else happen in these eps? If so, I didn't notice it. Oh, wait, I found an episode summary. Apparently, there are some unstoppable SuperSoldiers who look pretty much like Darth Vader, but without the cape. Personally, I think now's the time to call in Godzilla. He can stop just about anything.

The moment when Jack finds Daniel and Daniel just about hits him with that rock and they look at each other... *sigh*


So, I seem to be still shipping everybody, but Daniel/Jonas is way up there. Am I going to be ostracized for that?

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